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Black Authors

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Unscrambled Eggs

(Author Nadia Brown)
About the Author

Nadia Brown was born in Queens, New York, but currently makes her home in Miami. She is a Dade County, FL poet, freelance writer, and an award-winning author of the book Unscrambled Eggs. Having no formal training as a writer, she learned to write poetry by reading Psalms from the Bible and by emulating poets she admired - namely Maya Angelou. Nadia most enjoy reading and writing poems that informs, offers value, add depth and gives meaning to the daily lives of readers.

Nadia explains that she did not set out to write a manuscript, "Unscrambled Eggs" was a belief that evolved over time. Nadia credits life's lesson as the prime inspiration for this book. She was awarded in January the 2007 Carolyn Howard-Johnson's Noble Prize for Literature and the Allbooks Review Editor's Choice Award for outstanding literary achievement for her book Unscrambled Eggs. Previously, Ms. Brown received the Poetry Book of Merit Award from The American Authors Association.
Her articles and poetry have been published and/or featured in national and international literary journals, magazines in print and online publications.
She is also the founder of - a resource directory for both aspiring and established authors.
About the Book

Unscrambled Eggs personifies personal growth and spiritual inspiration. It is a self-reflection and journey to find one's purpose in life. Unscrambled Eggs is a profound and riveting collection of poetry that enlightens; it is honest and thought-provoking book which speaks the way of life and the world. The 60 poems in this book were written over a five year period and reflects the author's experiences, those close to her, and issues that she cares very passionately about.
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Pookie Lookie

(Author Mildred Shealey)
About the author
Mildred (Missie) Shealey, is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has lived in Atlanta Georgia for the eleven years. She attended Paine College in Augusta, GA and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.Ms. Shealey has spent the last 23 years of her professional career as a topnotch wardrobe specialist for high end retailers such as St. John boutique, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Missie is a mompreneur, raising her beautiful daughter Janiyah Danielle.They currently reside in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta ,GA
About the book
Her first story,"Pookie Lookie, the Pink Spotted Panda Bear" was written in 1998 and published in 2005. It's a wonderful full story that teaches children about diversity and self acceptance.
Ms. Shealey has also created a Pookie Lookie mascot. The mascot encourages education and fun through "Panda Pow Wow Parties" held at schools, churches and birthday parties. Ms. Shealey is currently working on more Pookie Lookie adventures and plans to have a 4 part series dedicated to family, education and upholding values, due out by the Spring of 2008.
More about Pookie Lookie
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Firm Pursuit

(Author Pamela Samuels-Young)
About the author
The fast-paced legal thrillers written by Essence magazine best-selling author Pamela Samuels-Young have been described as "John Grisham with a Sister's Twist!" The Los Angeles attorney's desire to see African-American and women lawyers depicted in mainstream legal fiction prompted her to write her first legal thriller.
Her debut novel, Every Reasonable Doubt, won the Black Expressions Book Club's Annual Fiction Writing Contest. Her second legal thriller, In Firm Pursuit, is an Essence magazine bestseller. The Compton native and former news writer and associate producer for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from USC and her master's in broadcasting from Northwestern University.
Pamela received her law degree from UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law. She previously taught ethics at the University of Redlands School of Business and served as legal consultant to the Showtime television series, Soul Food.
About the book
Poised for a coveted partnership at a prominent L.A. law firm, Vernetta Henderson takes on what appears to be an open-and-shut case of sexual harassment. Soon, troubling revelations about the case emerge, leading the savvy L.A. attorney to uncover a far-reaching conspiracy of corporate greed, deceit and violence.To make matters worse, Vernetta must go up against a smooth-talking litigator who's determined to beat her at trial.
A pretentious second-year associate assigned to help Vernetta with the case has her own agenda and adds even more stress to the mix. On the home front, Vernetta's husband could find himself facing charges of sexual harassment if his pretty young assistant has her way.With both her private and professional lives spiraling dangerously out of control, Vernetta quickly discovers what really matters most- and how far she'll go to protect the people she loves.
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Even Numbers

(Author Barbara Grovner)
About the author
Barbara Grovner is a graduate of Northeast Broadcasting School in Cambridge, Massachusetts as well as a graduate of the American Business Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a mother of three, all of whom are grown, living on their own and successful. She now lives in Georgia with her husband and writes full-time. Her first novel "Even Numbers" is a controversial story which she hopes will bring wide spread attention to a social issue affecting many young people globally.
About the book
"Even Numbers" /ISBN:097710043X/192pgs/ is set to be released to the retail chain market mid November 2007.
Third Eye Publishing, Inc. titles are distributed to Borders/Waldenbooks, Barnes&Noble/B.Dalton nationally by Biblio Distribution (800)462-6420. Bookstores can also order through Ingram Wholesalers, A&B Distributors, Lushena and Third Eye Publishing, Inc (
"Even Numbers" is a controversial story, which will shed light upon a social issue, which affects many young people globally.
Dominga with the responsibility of raising her five-year-old daughter Olivia never imagined she would meet a man like James. He's smart successful and makes good money.
But most of all he's good with her daughter. James has a secret though, a desire he cannot control which ultimately threatens to destroy everything.
Barbara Grovner can be contacted via myspace at 
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Growing Up in Mississippi

(Author Bertha M. Davis)
About the author
Bertha M. Davis, a Native of Mississippi, is a freelance writer and Chaplin/volunteer at the Marion County Jail in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is an Award Winning Author, A Best Seller for her book Growing Up In Mississippi. BERTHA'S OTHER WEBSITE: WWW.MAEDAVIS.NET/INDEX.HTML

She has written a compelling memoir that captures the experiences of young black women in the South before and during the Civil Rights Movement. Her book, "Growing Up In Mississippi," has received numerous reviews, won the Best Book Award in 2004, The Five Stars Award by the DLNA YOUnity Reviewers Worldwide in New York, and The Joy Production Award of WHTJ Radio Station 1690-AM.

Bertha has written five books, including a book of poetry. She was chosen Author of the month for her book "Marriage and the Family" by Marguerite Press and was featured in Artist Author's Spotlight of the month by Nubian Sistas Book Club and C&B Books Distribution.

She has been married 43 years to Mr. RC Davis Sr., her grade school sweetheart. A dedicated Christian for over 25 years, she enjoys helping others. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, she graduated from Ivy Tech State College in the summer of 1988.

She is a member of the DLNA Disilgold Book Club, Marguerite Press Promo Writers Group, The Black Vendors Association, Indiana State Festival Association, Indy Arts, and PubEasy Booksellers.

She does reading in schools and universities, is a workshop presenter, and is available for marriage seminars.
About the book
Growing Up in Mississippi is a true story. Bertha's story. But more than that, it is the story of what it was like for many young black girls of her generation to be born into poverty and to grow up surrounded by the meanest forms of racial discrimination.
To be educated in run down, second rate schools, marry early and work long hours for low pay just to keep food on the table. Read about the wayward Uncle Wigley, a cursed character among many black families who resorted to inflicting abuse on family members. A poignant work of literature and classic for the millennium.
Visit Bertha's other website at:
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Sex in the Sanctuary

(Author Lutishia Lovely)
About the author
In addition to being a published author, Lutishia Lovely is an actress, publishing consultant and motivational life coach. She has always found the world of words fascinating; whether creating poetry, music, screenplays or stageplays.
A professional writer for many years, Sex In The Sanctuary is her first novel of women's fiction. The sequel, Love Like Hallelujah, comes out January, '08..
About the book
Vivian Montgomery has it all: a wonderful minister husband, beautiful children, a thriving ministry and the same hour-glass figure that her husband, Derrick, fell in love with fifteen years ago. Her best friend, Tai Brook, isn't as blessed. Her husband King, who is also a minister, has had multiple affairs during their twenty years together and even now, she suspects him of cheating with their church's newest member, Hope Jones.
But love life crisis aren't limited to first ladies. Hope, sexy and single, feels she's waited long enough for God to answer her prayers for a husband. What will she do about it? And what will Millicent Sims, a woman who believes she's "heard from the Lord" about who her husband is, do to convince Kingdom Citizen Christian Center's most eligible millionaire bachelor that it's him? There's more than "salvation" going on among saints in the sanctuary. But you'll have to come inside to find out...!
For more info visit:
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Out of Egypt

(Author Deborah J. Moriah)
About the author
Deborah J. Moriah is no stranger to the experience of oppression; being only five when these experiences began.
Since then, she has encountered this problem in both in the covert subtleties of systemic racism and in the overt painfulness of prejudice.

Throughout her life she has developed a strong resilience and has learned many lessons. These lessons are now published in her premier book Out of Egypt and Into Focus, as a gift to those experiencing similar oppression. It is the author's understanding of God's promises to oppressed people.
Deborah was born in Moncton, New Brunswick and now resides with her daughter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
About the book
Being a person of African descent carries its own unique challenges. It is difficult to find the answer to everyday life questions without sometimes being led astray.
Many of us are still holding on to anger; an anger that stems from the psychological affects of slavery. It can be difficult not to blame the pains of the past and even more difficult not to blame God for allowing past injustices to take place.
God has a plan for each and every one of us. More importantly He has a great plan for this world that we can all be a part of despite who we are, where we have been and what we look like.
Out of Egypt, refers to liberation. It is a reminder that, like the Israelites, people of African descent have physically escaped captivity. It is also a reminder that we need to allow God to guide us mentally from resentment and confusion and into focus.
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Keeping Misery Company

(Author Michelle Larks)
About the author
Michelle Larks is an Illinoisan native. She was born and raised in the Windy city, Chicago, and currently resides in a western suburb. Michelle was educated in the Chicago public school system and attended the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Michelle has released four books since 2003. The titles include A Myriad of Emotions, Crisis Mode, Mirrored Images in e-book format and Who's Your Daddy. Michelle contributed to two anthologies, Blended Families and The Midnight Clear. Urban Christian Books will release Michelle's latest book, titled Keeping Misery Company in October 2007.
About the book
Keeping Misery Company is an inspirational tale about Ruth Wilcox, the only daughter of prominent Chicago minister, Reverend Isaiah Clayton and his feisty wife, Queen Esther.
Ruth has her hands full trying to cope with mounting marital problems and the onslaught of physical changes her body is going through. Lately, Ruth and her husband, Daniel, have drifted apart like two ships passing in the night; with zero visibility between them. The two don't even share the same bedroom anymore. Daniel hasn't been happy in the marriage for some time and seeks solace in the arms of his young mistress, Lenora. He oversleeps after a tryst between the sheets with Lenora, and when he arrives home, all hell breaks loose.
Keeping Misery Company is a poignant tale about a religious family in spiritual crisis. Secrets, lies, betrayal, and forgiveness are at the forefront of this story. It culminates with a triumphing of the spirit and soul.
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About the author
Skyy resides in Memphis, TN where she enjoys writing and supporting Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority, Inc. which she founded in 2005 to promote unity, diversity and sisterhood within the lesbian community. She hopes her writing will shed a positive light on the black lesbian experience. Skyy currently is completing her second novel, Consequences .
About the book
Set on the campus of Freedom University, a historically black college in Memphis, Tennessee, the lives and choices of four women are intertwined.
Sexy and smart, Lena Jamerson has her whole life planned out for her. The daughter of two of Freedom's most prominent alums, it is a given that she will fulfill her Chi Theta Legacy as well as become engaged to NBA-bound Brandon Redding, or is it? With wealth, prestige and a beautiful body she could choose anything even someone new.
Denise the reserved women's basketball champion has no time for dating. Her only choices are grades, game and becoming the first in her family to graduate, until a sexy stranger enters her life, causing her to reconsider her options.
Playa of another flava, Cooley sparks curiosity of her own with women on both sides of the orientation fence. Will the choices of her past prevent the romance of her future?
Meanwhile, Carmen's choices have given her a new exterior and a new lease on life. Can her sexy new shape get her into Chi Theta and a new romance? Or will the same internalized insecurities keep her from finding the love she deserves?
In the school of life and love, what choices would you make?
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